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At Malmberg, we believe there’s only one direction to go: forward. We are dedicated to constant progress, gaining understanding, and finding solutions that shape our future. By harnessing the powerful capabilities of Gemit Solutions platform, aCurve, we take a significant step towards enhancing our operations and driving sustainable solutions.

What is aCurve and how is it beneficial to me?

aCurve is an optimization tool used in facilities to monitor their performance and gain an overview of their efficiency. The tool collects a vast amount of data that generates valuable insights which we can utilize to make quick decisions and optimize operations. With the help of aCurve, Malmberg can easily maintain a high standard in facilities and continuously improve performance and efficiency.

Malmbergs aCurve gathers data from multiple SCADA system and data sources in your plant making aCurve your one stop source for production data. This means that we only need to use one program to obtain a valuable overview of the facilities.


One of the major benefits of aCurve for us is its automated reporting functionality. By generating reports automatically, we save valuable time and resources, ensuring that critical information is readily available for your daily operations. Additionally, aCurve facilitates seamless reporting to regulatory authorities and stakeholders, ensuring compliance and transparency.


The robust analysis capabilities of aCurve empower us to delve into long timeseries data, enabling us to conduct in-depth root-cause analysis and identify trends. This allows us to proactively address potential issues and optimize our plants for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

aCurve can effectively identify operational anomalies and predict future failures. It notifies us about potential issues in advance, allowing us to take preventive measures and optimize our operations. You may also connect status monitoring devices such as vibration sensors or frequency monitoring to increase accuracy and flag-to-failure time in your analysis.

aCurve is a very powerful tool that can serve as the foundation for status meetings to follow up on progress in order to discuss techically- or processrelated improvement potentials identified.

aCurve x COMPACT™

aCurve can be used in our Malmberg COMPACT™ machines to follow up on its procedures. aCurve offers both daily and monthly reports that show the health and efficiency of your COMPACT™ facility. These are generated automatically by aCurve and can be linked to a dashboard with more comprehensive information. You can, for example, obtain comprehensive environmental reports.


aCurve x EnerGeo®

aCurve can be used in our Malmberg EnerGeo® machines to follow up on its procedures.

Malmberg Geothermal energy plant

In our own geothermal energy plant we are continously using aCurve to monitor how the plant runs and how much energy its producing. We use it to optimize our facility remotely and to anticipate any potential faults. We also use it to fine-tuning settings. It saves us time and money as it anticipates any deviations.

aCurve with Kristian Hamilton

What can aCurve do for your plant?

  • Collect comperhensive data
  • Analyse data collection
  • Find anomalities in time
  • Anticipate and prevent future failures
  • Drive sustainable soultions!

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