Help! Our biomethane is going up in flames! (True story)

This was the message our customer, Emerald Biogas in UK, told us on our HelpDesk number at 9.45 on January 15th. The gas-torch had started, meaning that the upgrading of the biogas had stopped. The Emerald Biogas biomethane plant at Newton Aycliffe is situated just 20 km west of Middlesbrough. It’s a highly effective biomethane production plant taking care of food waste and turning it into valuable renewable pure energy. A complete standstill means that biomethane revenue is going up in flames for every hour that goes on. Time is crucial!


A Malmberg Maintenance Concept (MMC)

Thanks to Emerald Biogas having a Malmberg Maintenance Concept, a chain of actions starts immediately to stop the “bleeding”. Malmberg HelpDesk Service Engineer connects remote to the Malmberg feniX™ control system of the plant. After an hour the problem is located to the engine of one of the compressors.

All well in Newton Aycliff!

After a quick conversation with the customer, a decision is made to send a completely new engine from the Malmberg spare part stock. The engine leaves from Malmberg shelf at 3.30 pm on the very same day on January 15. Delivery is direct with no delays (read Taxi) from Sweden to Emerald in UK. The engine is received by a Malmberg UK service technician and installed with no delays. At 3.30 pm on January 16th everything is back to normal and the plant is up running with full capacity again.