Groundwater lowering and anti-skid roads

Geothermal energy for infrstructure

At the construction of roads, viaducts and bridges many times need to lower the groundwater  and then keep it at the right level. We manage the documentation needed with regard to geology and capabilities in order to then carry out the drilling and make a complete well installation with control equipment. With a service agreement, we can also take care of maintenance of the well system and provide with the background values needed for water rights.

Geothermal energy for anti-skid roads

Accidents due to icy roads is a major problem. Most often, it´s road section with level increases or decreases  where the accidents happen. Energy wells can solve this problem by seasonal storage the summer heat in the bedrock and then to be used during the winter. Benefits apart from reduced risk of accidents are low operating costs and an environmental impact. The system can be applied for skid- and ice control on particular road surfaces, train gears, platforms and tunnels.