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Malmberg Drilling means high quality, better environment and safe working environment

To perform a water well or energy well means large machines working and moving around. It requires planning of the works and experienced staff that know the routines. We stand for a safe work carried out by modern machinery, well trained and experienced staff who always gives his utmost and act professionally. We are ISO 9001 certified to quality, environment ISO 14001 and health and safety OHSAS 18001.

MAlmberg driller in Bromölla, Sweden

Malmberg C-borrare

We are C-drillers, which means that we are certificated drillers with AB certificate.
The certification guarantees that we have the routines and the know-how to perform
drilling in a professional way.


Malmberg Geotec member

We are members of Geotec, the trade
organisation for Swedish drilling entre-

Quality, environment and health

We are certified according to
ISO 9001 (quality)
ISO 14001 (environment)
OHSAS 18001 (health and safety).

Normbrunn 14

We always follow the guidelines
Normbrunn 14 when we drill for
water or energy.

Malmberg- Tripple A