Rebuilding, renovation, and modernization of wells

Rebuilds of water wells

Irrespective of the age and function of drinking water wells, they may need a rebuild or upgrade. It may be increased requirements due to the working environment so that the well can be managed in a service-friendly manner. Or for environmental reasons, to secure the drinking water so that the well installation is not open to undue or to prevent infiltration of contaminants.

Do you have an old well with piping below ground level?

We perform renovation of the well pipes by relining for both rock and filter wells. Old wells have many times piping below ground level and then we can extend the well pipes to the above ground as well as upgrade and modernize the entire well installation. A new well superstructure provides a secure perimeter and makes servicing easier.

Take the opportunity to upgrade your wells with electricity and automation from Malmberg.

We offer a complete solution for your well with an easily foreseeable panel that displays important control parameters and alarm functions. Of course, it can be controlled remotely if you want to and connects to an overall system.

  • Flow measurement
  • Level- and pressure measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Speed control of the submersible pump
  • Measured values can be read up to higher-level control systems, for example, MODBus