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Malmberg waste water treatment plant

We build water- and waste water treatment plants and we take you through the entire project from design to commissioning with focus on sustainability and efficiency. Malmberg was one of the first companies already in the 1940s that was part of the Swedish water infrastructure build up. Today we commission treatment projects for water demanding industries and for local water authorithies around the world.

Take a look at some of the treatment plants we have built

St Petersburg WWTP, Russia.

Malmberg at St Peterburg WWTP

Modernization of St Peterburg Northern WWTP. The biological treatment was planned, designed, supervised and supplied with new aeration equipment including pumps. Total capacity of the plant is 1,200,000 m3/d. The first block of aeration for 600,000 m3/d is in operation and effluents to the Baltic Sea have been improved significantly.

Ryaverket, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Malmberg Ryaverket Göteborg

For improvement of the nitrogen- and phosphorous reduction a reconstruction, planning, design, supply and installation of the mechanical equipment was commissioned. Included a disc filter system and denitrification establishment.

Person equivalents  832 000 pe

Water treatment plant in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Malmberg Klaipeda WT

Water treatment process and equipment delivered in partnership with the German company Chriwa. The plant is one of Europe’s most modern and advanced treatment plants today.

Klaipeda had problems with ammonium and fluoride in its raw water for a long time. Separating these substances called for an advanced process technology with flocculation and sand filtering, biological filters for nitrification and reversed osmosis (RO) to remove fluoride.

The capacity of the water treatment plant is 21,600 m3/d which supplies clean water to Klaipeda’s 180,000 inhabitants.

Birstonas Waste Water treatment, Lithuania

Malmberg Birstonas WWTP, Lituania

Reconstruction and modernization of the waste water
biological process and activated sludge. Person equivalents 19 000 pe