Small improvements can make a big difference

Malmberg rebuilds & Improvement

We have specialized people that only work with rebuilds and improvements of water treatment facilities. Sometimes a plant needs to be upgraded with new equipment such as pumps, scrapers, diffusors etc. In other cases a rebuild of existing process on site is necessary. Our experts have long practical experience in solving such missions.

Improve your plant performance with Malmberg water treatment equipment

Plastic chain scrapers

Malmberg plastic Chain scraper

Malmberg Plastic Chain Scraper is designed for use even in extreme environments. The chain is extra strong as well as chemical-resistant which guarantee extra long service life and minimum wear.

Aeration system

Malmberg Tube diffussors

Malmberg bottom aeration system has been carefully planned, from design to installation. The system minimizes energy costs by lowest possible pressure losses, optimized oxygen control and a high aeration capacity.

Round sludge scraper

Malmberg round sludge scraper

A modular and scaleable design of the scraper makes it easy to adapt to different basin volumes. Main components are prefabricated which enable a quick installation. 

Back flow protection

Malmberg Brutet Vatten återströmningskydd

Malmberg Backflow Protection is a complete unit with reliable and simple performance. 

Safety hatch

Malmberg Säkerhetslucka

Malmberg Safety hatch can be used both outdoors and indoors. It can also be placed on a wall.  order it either as double hatch or as single. 


Malmberg dekanteringsrör

Malmberg Decanting is installed vertical in the sludge settling bassin. It improves thickening by draining off the clear face below the sludgecover.