Continuously water withdrawal from lakes, rivers, oceans.

By considering depth, water quality, filtration capacity, flow rate etc., We can provide an optimal technical and economic solution. The intake screens have, with good experience, been installed in more than 500 locations for various applications such as raw water intake, desalination plants, cooling systems, process water, irrigation plants…

Several Johnson Intake screen systems are currently in operation all over the world, as well in places with difficult conditions where other systems have been found not to work.

Malmberg plastic Chain scraper


Intake screen with high capacity and care free operation

To provide maximum efficiency, Johnson Screens® passive intake screens are designed and engineered to each unique environment, resulting in a system which costs less to install, to operate and requires less maintenance.

Johnson Screens® high capacity passive intake screens are constructed using non-plugging Vee-Wire® with an internal dual flow modifier that creates a nearly uniform low flow velocity through the entire screen surface. This significantly reduces impingement and entrainment of debris while protecting aquatic life.

  • Low investment cost
  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy cleaning – with a periodic blast of compressed air using our Hydroburst™ system 
  • Non-plugging Vee-Wire®
  • Three standard configurations – drum, tee and half screen
  • Internal dual flow modifier –provides low and even slot velocity (CFD modelling is available on demand) 
  • Selection of materials – from 304 stainless steel for fresh water to Super Duplex for sea-water; Z-alloy (CuNi) for repelling zebra mussel attachment and anti-bio fouling in fresh water. 

Technical parameters