Improve sludge thickening with decanting pipe

Malmberg dekanteringsrörThe sludge cover thickening can be radically improved by draining off the clear face below the cover. Install our vertical decanting pipes on the inside of the tank and get a better thickening.


A decanting unit if gravity can't help

Malmberg dekanteringsenhet
We have developed a complete decanting unit for sludge tanks if the clear face can't be removed by gravity. The slotted decanting pipe is connected with a DN 400 pipe which is equipped on the inside with a submersible pump and an integrated switch for on/off function. The result is a continous decanting of the sludge which works independently of the water level in the tank.  An ascending pipe leads the drained water off and is ended with a tube connection for further transport.

The unique V-slot makes it possible

MAlmberg dekanteringsrör V-slits Johnsson screen

  • Clogging is prevented thanks to the V-shaped  design
  • Made in stainless steel 316L as standard for best corrosion protection.
  • Other steel qualities as option
  • High mechanical strength
  • The decanting pipes are manufactured in optional gap width
  • The gap widths can be varied over the height of the pipes
  • Easy to adapt to local conditions (for all types of flanges)
  • Quick installation, flexible and cost efficient