Water technologies made in Sweden

Malmberg- Water treatment engineers

Ask our technical expertise when it comes to water treatment.  If you have specific water qualities, need to optimize your treatment, or look at the use of energy or operating costs, we have great experience in solving these treatment issues. We deal with industrial process water, domestic wastewater, and drinking water. A pre-study can sometimes help you in order to come up with good treatment solutions and recommendations. We can make the dimensioning, design, and set up a treatment project for you. 

Off-site building is the future

Our solutions are modular and scalable with an integrated treatment process. Speed is a key factor for our customers in order to get the treatment process going without delays. The building process is time-consuming and therefore our solutions always have the possibility to be built off-site. This means that everything as tanks, equipment, and automation is built up in a controlled environment in our work shop. From there it´s shipped to the site and docked to the on-site facilities.