A flexible treatment solution for any industry stormwater 

Malmberg stormwater solution SDR

Malmberg SDR™ is a solution that treats the stormwater SUSP, oil, metals etc. collected from an industry area. A basin is dug into the ground. The bottom of the basin is paved allowing for infiltration and the walls are built with a special block system which is very quick and effective method. The basin is equipped with mixers and aerators and a oil- and grease separator at the end of the basin. The settling takes place by turning of the mixing and aeration in intervals. Sludge is removed by emptying the basin  from water and via a ramp a loader removes the sludge from the bottom. Sludge dewatering equipment included in solution.

Malmberg SDR™

  • Removes suspended material, oil, grease, metals
  • Guaranteed treatment
  • Modular and scaleable solution
  • Quick build up with Lego block system
  • Fully automated control system
  • Low operational- and maintenance costs
  • Instruments for automatic water sampling