Safety hatch

Malmberg Safety hatch

Our safety hatch can be used both outdoor and indoor but also applied to a wall. It can be as single- or double hatch. The hatch and the protection bars are manufactured in aluminium as standard but are available in stainless steel as option. We have a wide range of locks. For example if the hatch will be used as escape hatch it can be equipped with a panic lockwhich makes it possble to open it from the inside even when it locked from the outside.

  • The hatch is rabbeted and insulated
  • Frame type B1
  • Rubber list EPDM
  • Attachement for alarm
  • Max size on single hatch is 1400 x 2900 mm. Separated hatches in the same frame can be manufactured in significantlly larger sizes.
  • The protection bars can be removable or fixed. The bars are manufactured of aluminium pipes EN AW- 6063, dimension 40×25 mm, thickness 2 mm. Can be made in stainless steel. The bar screen is lockable.