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Pure energy and clean water is the essence of our activities.

We are a family-owned cleantech company based in Sweden and we deliver solutions in the fields of water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling. With over 150 years of experience, we are a global leader in providing complete solutions within our areas of expertise, with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment.

We celebrate our anniversary!

On April 7 1866 the 23-year-old smith Jöns Malmberg buys a smithy in Yngsjö. He invents an ingenious solution to filter wells that keep pollutants away and that´s the start of our 150 year long history. See all about it here.

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Purification of drug residues

Malmberg MyXenic - drug residue purification


An ingenious filter system

Malmberg Triton filter bottom system


Visit us at KeyEnergy Italy

Malmberg-KeyEnergy 2016


News from Malmberg


Biogas in Italy! What's happening?

CIG in Italy presents the new Italian directives for biomethane injected into the natural gas grid. Perspectives and Developments


The Magic Factory is now open!

​Malmberg biogas upgrading is magical. That´s what they say in Norway today. The Magic Factory (Den Magiske Fabrikken) outside Tønsberg in Norway has now been officially inaugurated. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was in place and Malmberg COMPACT® biogas upgrading plant does the job.


Congratulations, Minister of the Environment , Karolina!

As a Åhus company and also as a cleantech company, it is fantastic that our new Minister of the Environment, Karolina Skog is from Åhus and has also been a classmate to Sara Malmberg.

Exhibitions and events

CIG - workshop biomethane

Time: Oct 11, 08:00 - 17:00 Location: Bologna, Carlton Hotel Malmberg participate at CIG workshop. Gian Ragno, Sales director Italy presents upgrading technology!

Key Energy 2016

Time: Nov 08, 2016 08:00 GMT - Nov 11, 2016 17:00 GMT Location: Rimini, Italy MAlmberg is exhibiting at Ecomondo and Key Energy. Today's biggest platform for the entire Mediterranean basin with 1200 exhibiting companies attracting over 100,000 visitors. Welcome!

UK AD & Biogas Exhibition

Time: Jul 06 - Jul 07 Location: Birmingham, UK Malmberg exhibits in stand E405 at the largest exhibition in UK for the brittish biogas market. Over 300 internationel exhibitors and 24 seminar sessions. Welcome!

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