Competence and markets

Malmberg Competence and markets

In water treatment Malmberg covers all areas of solutions for drinking water- waste water- and sludge handling such as biological and chemical processes, dimensioning, design, mechanical and electrical engineering and automation. In-house manufacturing follows with high quality mechanical (process) installations. Markets are municipal and industrial treatment plants in Sweden and the international cleantech market specially the Baltic countries.

For the biogas business area Malmberg covers all aspects in biogas upgrading meaning process and mechanical expertise in converting low grade biogas to high grade biomethane energy output. Expertise includes gas to grid injection and vehicle fuel filling station technology. Markets include national gas enterprises, municipal waste management companies and the agricultural sector. Focus markets are the Nordic countries, Germany, UK and Italy.

In drilling Malmberg covers all expertise in drilling for water, energy, construction/infrastructure, geological investigation. Expertise includes geological pre-studies, drilling, installation, reconditioning of water wells and maintenance. Market sectors are municipal, water demanding industry, property owners, building industry, private land owners such as family housing or farmers.

In shallow geothermal energy business area Malmberg covers the entire expertise spectrum in utilizing natural heat and cold from borehole- or aquifer storeage. Technical and economic pre-studies, energy drilling, design and complete installation combined with mechanical electrical and automation expertise. Market sectors are small to large property owners with private houses, offices, logistic centers, industrial facilities, hospitals and other official buildings.

Service and support at Malmberg covers all expertise in maintenance of water treatment plants, biogas plants, water wells and geothermal installations. Expertise includes service and support in safety verifications, modifications, life cycle analysis, availability, software/hardware updates, repowering, spare parts, operational management, performance status, training and products for improved operations.