Alvesta Biogas investing in double COMPACT™

Alvesta, Sweden


Alvesta Biogas


In production




600 Nm3/h

Welcome to Alvesta, where a modern biogas facility stands as a green model! Since 2014, they have been converting manure and waste into valuable biogas, reducing fossil fuels, and creating a circular economy. With a recently installed upgrading unit, they are now taking further steps to enhance the facility. Join us to explore their impressive journey!

Biogas production as collaboration

Nearly ten years ago, a group of farmers in the Alvesta region started contemplating biogas production. In 2014, the facility was completed, and the primary raw material used is manure from their own farms. This once again demonstrates sustainability by thinking circularly and, in parallel, enabling the phasing out of natural gas, oil, and other fossil substances. The owners’ farms have approximately:

  • 1700 cows
  • 2500 young cattle
  • 300 sows
  • 1600 slaughter pigs

The biogas plant contributes over 2 million liters of gasoline from 50,000 tons of digested substrate. In a day, the biogas plant receives four to five truckloads, totaling about 150 tons of liquid manure, slaughter, and food waste. From this, approximately 4000 kg of biogas is produced.

Biogas as a fuel

During the summer of 2015, the adjacent biogas station was opened, where vehicles can refill their tanks with sustainable biogas – yet another step towards reduced use of fossil fuels.

Double COMPACT™ for Alvesta

In 2022, it was announced that Alvesta Biogas is investing in an additional biogas upgrading unit from Malmberg. This delivery includes a Malmberg COMPACT™ GR 3 with the capacity to upgrade 700 Nm3/h of biogas to biomethane. This upgraded gas will be used as vehicle fuel.

Alvesta Biogas is a recurring customer, something we are incredibly proud of. This not only proves that Alvesta’s activities and commitment to biogas are perfectly timed but also that our solution fits the customer. These types of initiatives by our customers are necessary for us to achieve our environmental goals in Sweden. We are very proud to be doing this together with the customer, and together, we can create a future with zero emissions!

Marco Selicorni, Area Sales Manager at Malmberg Energy