Blekingska Nation in Lund is investing in the future with EnerGeo®



Blekingska Nationen i Lund






HP: 192 kW EP: 84

At Blekingska Nation in Lund, a sustainable and circular investment was made in 2020 through Malmberg’s EnerGeo®!

Malmberg was commissioned by NIMAB Entreprenad AB to provide a complete Malmberg EnerGeo® system on a turnkey basis for the Heruleros Foundation’s new development of 165 student apartments and common areas for Blekingska Nationen in Lund.

For Malmberg, this project involved drilling 12 energy wells, each of them 300 meters deep, for energy exchange. Malmberg was also responsible for the development, installation of a complete heat pump system, and commissioning of a Malmberg EnerGeo® with our in-house developed control system, feniX™. This system produces heat, hot water, and comfort cooling for student apartments and common areas.

Construction work began in September 2020, and the entire project was completed by 2022.

Malmberg EnerGeo®

Environmentally friendly energy in a smart package.

In rocks, groundwater, and soil, there’s an abundance of free energy just waiting to heat up your property. Malmberg EnerGeo® is a complete prefabricated geothermal station that easily connects to energy wells!

We have the experience and capacity required for energy drilling and groundworks, including connections. Simultaneously, we manufacture the energy station ourselves in our local in-house workshop and deliver it complete with electrical, control, and HVAC installations. Therefore, Malmberg can provide a comprehensive solution with full control over production and cost structure!