Embassy of Sharing, Hyllie, Malmö






This project is Sweden’s largest geoenergy sharing system, where buildings reuse residual energy and share heating and cooling resources, is implemented.

The property developer Granitor has chosen Malmberg as the supplier of the geothermal energy system that will provide heating, cooling, and hot water to the building “Fyrtornet” which is part of the Embassy of Sharing neighborhood in the Hyllie district of Malmö.

Fyrtornet is the first building to be constructed in the Embassy of Sharing neighborhood, and when completed, it will be Sweden’s tallest office building in wood and also Malmö’s first wooden office building – making the project even more unique!

With a focus on sustainability, Fyrtornet will be almost self-sufficient in energy and hold a gold environmental certification . Heating will be provided through geothermal energy and solar panels. By choosing geothermal energy, excess heat and cold will be captured, stored, and used when needed.

The building “Fyrtornet” stands as Sweden’s tallest office building made of wood, also marking Malmö’s inaugural wooden office structure.