EnerGeo® for Catena logistics warehouse









400 kW

Logistics warehouse in Jönköping

In 2015, the real estate company Catena acquired a logistics warehouse of over 29,000 square meters. The logistics warehouse is strategically located in the Torsvik industrial area just south of Jönköping, in close proximity to the E4 highway. In connection with this, the need to modernize the property’s energy system was realized, and they chose to collaborate with Malmberg to implement a geothermal energy solution.

Malmbergs comprehensive solution

Malmberg has extensive experience and significant expertise in both drilling and smart energy systems. In the Catena project, Malmberg carried out the drilling of the 25 energy wells with a depth measured at 300 meters. These energy wells were drilled for both heating and cooling purposes. Subsequently, a Malmberg EnerGeo™ unit, manufactured in our own in-house production, was integrated with the building’s heating system. The project also encompassed a reconstruction of the ventilation system and the implementation of advanced control and regulation systems to ensure optimal performance.

Type of facility

Geothermal heating

Number of wells and depth

25 wells at a depth of 300 meters each