EnerGeo® to DHL logistics terminal

Västberga, Stockholm








443/200 kW

DHL’s new logistics terminal

In 2015, the transportation and logistics company DHL initiated the construction of a completely new logistics terminal in Västberga, Stockholm. The terminal covers an area of 13,000 square meters, and at that time, it was the largest of its kind for DHL Express. Its capacity increased by a significant 338 percent compared to the old demolished terminal. Alongside this new logistics terminal, they aimed to modernize the energy supply by implementing a new geothermal energy facility.

Malmbergs role in the project

Malmberg was assigned the task of designing a geothermal energy solution for the terminal and conducted the drilling of 30 energy wells, including 300-meter boreholes for heating, cooling, and hot water needs. Within the project, Malmberg was also responsible for the implementation of complete heating centers, including advanced control and regulation systems. The heating pump capacity of the heating centers amounts to 443 kW.

Type of facility

Geothermal heating

Number of wells and depth

30 wells, each with a depth of 300 meters