From seaweed to energy source with COMPACT™ in collaboration with Bigadan

Solröd A, Denmark








1400 (Nm3/h)

At the innovative Malmberg biogas plant outside Copenhagen, a conversion of biogas into green biomethane takes place. The project was carried out in collaboration with Danish biogas developers Bigadan and marks a significant step in Denmark’s pursuit of a greener future.

From seaweed to energy with the help of Malmberg COMPACT

Malmberg’s COMPACT™ upgrading facility in Solrød, located outside Copenhagen, has the capacity to convert up to 2800 Nm3/h of biogas into green biomethane. The upgrading facility, which was commissioned in October 2019, injects the produced gas into the natural gas grid. However, the significance of the facility goes beyond energy production; by using seaweed from Køge Bay and Solrød Beach, the facility contributes not only to fossil-free energy but also to improved bathing water quality. By removing the seaweed, Køge Bay is less burdened by nutrients, which is a significant issue for the aquatic environment.

A major win for the climate

The establishment of Solrød Biogas represents an initiative aimed at addressing waste, environmental, climate, and energy challenges while offering a range of environmental benefits both in the short and long term.