Hyreshem in Malmö is adopting a circular approach with EnerGeo®









Heat Pump Capacity: 1380 kW

In the residential area of Annestad in Bunkeflostrand, just outside Malmö, you’ll find eight Malmberg EnerGeo® energy stations that provide renewable energy to 750 apartments! Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The energy stations draw energy from the ground via 82 energy wells, each with a depth of 350 meters. When you add up these wells, we get a total borehole depth of up to 29,000 meters. In this project, Malmberg has carried out a turnkey contract, which involved designing, producing, installing, and commissioning the facility. This also encompassed the impressive energy drilling along with a complete pipe installation.

The Malmberg EnerGeo® system supplies the buildings with heat and domestic hot water through a closed collector system as the energy source. Existing gas boilers and redundancy are used as a backup. The utilized free energy from the ground amounts to approximately 4800 MWh per year for the entire installation. This means that purchased energy could be reduced by about 72 percent compared to previous operations.

The total installed heat pump capacity is approximately 1.4 MW, distributed across 19 heat pump units. In total, it is estimated that CO2 emissions have been reduced by around 970 tons per year. This is equivalent to over 1300 round-trip flights from Mallorca to Sweden!