Svedalahem is investing in a greener future with Malmberg EnerGeo®








In 2019, Svedalahem in Svedala Municipality embarked on a significant initiative to construct 57 apartments, commercial spaces, and a library. Malmberg was entrusted with providing the new buildings with heating, hot water, and comfort cooling through a comprehensive EnerGeo geothermal heating system.

Malmberg carried out a turnkey contract for the complete energy production system at Svedalahem. This encompassed both exterior and interior work, including the delivery of a 200 sqm Malmberg EnerGeo® system. Malmberg’s EnerGeo® serves a total area of 5800 sqm, spread across three building structures, providing heating and hot water. The library and commercial spaces are also served by comfort cooling from the Malmberg EnerGeo® system.

During the summer of 2019, we conducted the energy drilling for a total of 11 boreholes, each 250 meters deep, for energy exchange. The construction contractor NIMAB utilized the free energy from the ground during the building phase for drying the concrete structure. This resulted in significant savings for the builder, as there was no need to operate expensive electric fans.

Through Svedalahem’s commitment and investment in renewable and sustainable energy in the Svanen neighborhood, they are contributing to a sustainable future for the next generation!

Geothermal energy

– the sustainable energy solution for homes and commercial spaces!

Geothermal energy is a perfect solution for generating energy for homes and commercial spaces. By extracting heat energy from the Earth, it’s possible to reduce the reliance on external energy sources for heating, resulting in significant energy savings and lower costs over time. It also contributes to a consistent and stable temperature in buildings and residences, reducing the need for constant adjustments to heating systems and providing a more consistent comfort for occupants. Our geothermal energy systems have a long lifespan, making it a sustainable long-term investment. This helps lower energy costs and makes energy supply less susceptible to price fluctuations in the energy market.