Aeration system

Malmberg Aeration system

The operational cost is key when it comes to aeration. We design and install highly effective diffussors combined with a reliable stainless steel piping. The system works for active sludge tanks, sludge stabilizing tanks, aeration of channels or oxidization of iron and manganese in drinking water plants and many other applications. Our system minimizes energy costs by lowest possible pressure losses, optimized oxygen control and a high aeration capacity. The system is equipped with disc- tube or vertical diffusers.

Robust and efficient diffusor

Malmberg disc diffusor has a diameter of 520 mm and a body of fibreglass reinforced plastic. The rubber membrane is specially designed to resist aggressive environments but also very easy to replace if necessary. The small perforations in the membrane ensures fine-sized bubbles.

  • Wide operating range, 1-20 Nm3/h
  • Low investment costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Disc-, tube- or vertical diffusers

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