Increase your filter capacity with a new underdrain system

The Malmberg Triton® System is designed to solve typical problems that occur in filtration plants and offers several advantages to conventional filter-bottom systems. Triton underdrain system utilizes Johnson’s world-renowned Vee Wire® screen technology. With its unique system, it can easily be adapted to almost any existing filter bottom which shortens renovation time and reduces investment costs. Triton underdrain system offers a maximum surface area to optimize filtration efficiency.

Advantages of a Triton

  • Filter design simpler
  • Vee Wire slots to suit different types of media and sizes
  • Ideal for renovation
  • Reduced plugging problems
  • Covers the entire filter area
  • Improves the backwash effluent efficiency
  • Low initial headloss
  • Several layers of filter media may be used without risk
  • Works perfectly with activated carbon as filter media
  • Reduced number of backwash cycles resulting in higher production (m³/m²)

What are your requirements?

The Malmberg Triton® filter bottom system is modular and scaleable. It can be built new on-site or prefabricated. Many old filter systems with conventional nozzle filter bottoms can easily be replaced. Triton® does not need a double layer of filter floor which gives the advantage that the filter bed’s active area is increased.

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