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Important news from Malmberg Service & Support.

We constantly work to improve our service work process and the communication to our customers. The latest improvements we would like to inform you about are:

  • New Helpdesk routine
  • New Routine for ordering materials and service work
  • No more land line telephone numbers

Malmberg Service & Support Helpdesk

New Helpdesk routine

Malmberg Service & Support Helpdesk telephone number is +46 44 780 18 80. The Helpdesk line is a function for you with a Helpdesk agreement. In order to give you this exclusive service it is important that customers only with an agreement is able to reach our Helpdesk without delay. No later than April 3 every customer with a helpdesk agreement will receive a special four digit code. When calling the Helpdesk you will be asked to enter the code and you will get through to our service technicians in order to help you.

New routine for ordering materials and service work

In order to have better documentation and structure of material and services ordered from Malmberg Service & Support we kindly ask you to fill out an order form. The filled out form is then sent as an attachement to this e-mail adress (e-mail)

The form can always be downloaded from this site here.

N.B Customers with Helpdesk agreement shall at firsthand in case of acute issues contact Malmberg Helpdesk.

No more land line telephone numbers

Up till now we have had a land line number and a mobile phone number to every co-worker. We will now drop the land line telephone number and from April 3 it means you reach Malmberg co-workers directly on our mobile phone numbers only. The switchboard number though is unchanged +46 44 780 18 00.

Our employees in the organization named below are reached on telephone numbers:

 Anders Nordin, Service Product Manager and responsible for Helpdesk       +46 766 395872 
 Tony Biltmo, Sales  +46 766 395849
 Rickard Gullberg, Service Production Manager         +46 766 395879
 Staffan Hansson, Project Manager         +46 766 395856
 Johan Wahlström, Business Area Director   +46 766 395874

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Malmberg - Tony Biltmo

Tony Biltmo



0766 - 395849

Download Malmberg order form for material and services

Malmberg Service order template

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