Malmberg COMPACT® - Swedish cleantech technology

Malmberg COMPACT

Malmberg COMPACT® is a prefabricated, standardized biogas upgrading machine. By combining this with in-house production in Sweden we can ensure a short lead time from order to gas delivery. The biogas upgrading is easy to operate through our Malmberg feniX™ control panel. The interior system and fittings are housed in a specially designed and optimized container for simple maintenance and convenient servicing.

Malmberg biogas upgrading applications

Our range of Malmberg COMPACT®

Malmberg COMPACT range

Malmberg GR Bas - GR 13

Malmberg COMPACT® GR BAS 1-3
100 - 650 Nm3/h raw gas capacity

Malmberg GR Bas - GR 28

Malmberg COMPACT® GR 6 - 28
350 - 3000 Nm3/h raw gas capacity