The Greenest plant in the world!

We are among the pioneers in the field of biogas upgrading to biomethane with more than 120 upgrading units in Europe and China.


Over 120 upgrading units in Europe.

Biogas for the next generation

Using our biogas upgrading technology, you can produce biomethane gas, ready to supply the natural gas grid or to be used as vehicle fuel. It’s not only eco-friendly, but it’s also highly profitable.

Malmberg COMPACT™ – Swedish Cleantech

Malmberg COMPACT™ is a prefabricated, standardized biogas upgrading machine. By combining this with in-house production in Sweden we can ensure a short lead time from order to gas delivery. The biogas upgrading is easy to operate through our Malmberg feniX™ control panel. The interior system and fittings are housed in a specially designed and optimized container for simple maintenance and convenient servicing.

Our process is simple, reliable and works forever

Incoming biogas is compressed and meets the water trickling from the top of the column. CO2 and H2S is absorbed by the water while the methane rises to the top, is dried internally and ready to be either injected into the natural gas grid or used as vehicle fuel.


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