Energy-drilling for heat and cold 

Malmberg Geoenergi

Geothermal energy from groundwater or bedrock is often used for the heating and cooling of buildings. We have extensive experience in drilling and designing groundwater and collector wells and, in fact, we are pioneers in Sweden in this field. For example, we drilled the groundwater wells for the world's largest geothermal energy storage at Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm.

What can you expect from us?

When an energy drilling is planned, we take care of the feasibility study, we conduct geological tests, and dimensions with respect to the number of boreholes and the depth required. We drill and take it all the way to the deployment of a fully optimized system. Naturally, we offer service and maintenance too.

Dimensioning of energy well

The energy wells must be dimensioned properly. We carry the thermal response test to determine soil conditions such as temperature, conductivity, and resistance. The results show the number of wells required, depth, and location of the wells.

Energy Drilling

The lifespan of an energy well is at least 100 years. During these years, heat pumps and other equipment are replaced 4-5 times. We are professional drillers with drilling machines specialized in energy drilling. With our experience and modern drilling equipment, we always ensure that the borehole energy exchange is optimized and meets the requirements, and lasts for at least 100 years.

Malmberg Drilling Geothermal energy

We manage energy drilling in narrow spaces and next to buildings, as here in Malmö, thanks to experienced operators and flexible machines!