Water wells since 1866

Malmberg has always been well drillers. In 150 years to be exact! Learn more about our history here. This means that we have transferred knowledge for generations on how drilling will be carried out and the geology at many places in Sweden. We have honed our methods and techniques and always made sure to have the most modern equipment on the market, which has made us the leading driller.

Malmberg borrning, Absolut Vodka

What can you expect when you start a water well project with Malmberg?

  • Thorough feasibility study and correct assessments for the drilling site.
  • Our experience with our own unique well documentation. 
  • Estimates from the "Geological Survey of Sweden". 
  • Quality assured drill procedure with minimum environmental impact.
  • Cutting-edge drilling equipment with the best compressors on the market. 
  • Highest qualified and certified drill staff. 
  • Highest quality of materials and installation of the well.
  • Several own-developed well superstructures to choose from. 
  • Thorough documentation and handover to the customer. 
  • Service and maintenance agreement.
  • Good and plenty of water for a long time to come!