Maintenance and operations for biogas upgrading

Malmberg service and support

A new biogas upgrading plant needs the attention it deserves to perform optimally over time. Conditions change over time, such as increasing demands on production and decreasing energy consumption. You need the reassurance that your plant is taking care of. Our aim is to be the perfect service partner that cares and puts your plant performance first.

Choose your own service level

Our service offering is flexible, so that you can make your choices according to your plant´s requirements.  As a minimum, you have planned maintenance where you can choose from different levels. Add Operations Management Support and you have 24/7 support all year round. Choose from different packages that suites your plant. As the conditions change, and the plant becomes older, we can help you with status reports, operation training, modifications and many other functions that your plant may require.

Malmberg biogas service offering