Furuboda is the most service-friendly well superstructure

Our Furuboda well superstructure is designed as a small house. It gives the well a perfect protection against weather and external influences on the water supply. Piping, pump fittings and electrical installations are very easy to access and service. The service person can work freely and in hi/her upright position. Furuboda is made of sandwich panels with finishes in different designs depending on the model. Furuboda is also suitable for pumping- and pressure increasing stations or valve chambers.

Quick and easy installation

The superstructure is completely prefabricated and is mounted on a foundation or placed on a gravel bed, alternatively concrete casted. The well will have a excellent frost free spaceing which is easily accessabel by a door. At larger maintenance work as pump chnages the entire superstructure can be lifted of from the foundation. The house is locked and released by hatches on the inside.

Extra shell protection in the Solid version

As standard Furuboda has a layer of fully galvanized steel sheet . The walls consist of a core of insulating 40 mm extruded polystyrene plastic (80 mm as option) Furuboda can also be ordered with an outer wall shell protection of fiberglas armoured concrete board. A perforated aluminum sheet is also glued between the concrete board and the polystyrene core. We call it Furuboda Solid.

Furuboda in four sizes

Furuboda I: 1930 x 1930 mm

Furuboda II: 2930 x 1930 mm

Furuboda III: 2930 x 2720 mm

Furuboda Solid: 3340 x 2700 mm

  • Service- and maintenance friendly 
  • Complete lift-off possible  
  • Option with safety classified door 2 or 3 with handle and lock
  • Standard colour in red
  • Optional in other colours