Competence inspires confidence

We build water and wastewater purification plants for municipalities and industrial operations. We are there every step of the way, from solution design to finished installation. From innovation and sketch pad to the manual work on site.

We build tomorrow’s water purification solutions so that you are prepared to meet the sustainability requirements of the future. We design bespoke, turnkey water purification solutions for a more sustainable future in our aim for nothing. Zero emissions. Zero pollution. Zero waste.

Malmberg doesn’t just give you the technology. We are knowledge bearers. We don’t just give you the water. We guarantee you good quality water. Malmberg provides the complete solution.

Malmberg is your reliable partner

Malmberg is both the expert and the contractor in water purification scenarios. That makes us a reliable partner in joint projects. We believe that working together and partnering are the key to a successful outcome.

Malmberg possesses a unique breadth. By surrounding ourselves with the finest skills, we easily meet the needs that arise in our different projects. We take on the role of project manager and have all the requisite skills in all the areas that affect a purification project. We work day in, day out on refining quality and competence in the fields of processes, technology, design, manufacture and project management. Our constant striving to become even better directly benefits you. And the next generation.

What do we do?

Are you a local authority?

Malmberg is a partner you can rely on.

Irrespective of whether it has to do with a framework agreement or a minor service assignment, we guarantee to provide high-quality assistance. Implementing or renovating a water purification plant often involves a protracted process, and as a local authority, you may be facing numerous challenges. We have assisted many local authorities through the entire process. We take a holistic view, drawing on our engineering skill and experience to assist you every step of the way to the finished purification plant. And if you need purification products, we are happy to provide advice and guidance.

Are you and industrial operator?

Malmberg provides solutions.

New, increasingly stringent demands on industrial water purification plants mean that you may have a lot of questions. Malmberg has the capacity to handle the entire design and build contract. We make sure that your plant meets the latest sector requirements, or check to see how your plant can become even more efficient. Over the years, we have built up a deep pool of experience in assisting industrial operators with pilot plants. Malmberg is your go-to partner every step of the way – from project planning to execution.

Do you need to have your installation serviced?

Malmberg is here for you.

We can help you to make sure your installation runs as it should. Malmberg has extensive experience with service assignments, and we are happy to take on all aspects of your service operation – or to assist with individual tasks. With us, you are always in secure hands.

Ask our technical expertise when it comes to water treatment. If you have specific water qualities, need to optimize your treatment, or look at the use of energy or operating costs, we have great experience in solving these treatment issues. We deal with industrial process water, domestic wastewater, and drinking water. A pre-study can sometimes help you in order to come up with good treatment solutions and recommendations. We can make the dimensioning, design, and set up a treatment project for you.

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