Yngsjö is Sweden’s first prefabricated well superstructure

Our well superstructure Yngsjö is Sweden’s first prefabricated superstructure and protects wells all over Sweden. It is our original model. It has walls of sandwich panels with layer of aluzink. The insulating core is 40 mm extruded polystyrene. The superstructure is mounted on a base which is placed in a gravel bed. In that way the well is provided with an excellent frost-free spacing, easy accessable.

Adapted to the surroundings and service-friendly

Yngsö well superstructure is developed to melt into the surroundings. Standard colour is in Aluzink. For an additonal price Yngsjö is of course available in other colours. For larger jobs, with the well, such as pump cleansing or pump replacement, the superstructure can be easily lifted aside and work can proceed unhindered.

Yngsjö in two sizes

Yngsjö I: 2000 x 2000 mm

Yngsjö II: 3000 x 2000 mm

  • Service-friendly
  • Possible to lift off
  • Standard colour in Aluzink
  • Other colours as option