Advanced treatment

Technology in the foreground

Increased emission requirements for our wastewater means more advanced treatment and sustainable solutions. With today’s water shortage and future higher water rates, circulating water will be necessary.

Smart solutions are available as membranes (MBR, UF) or different types of carrier material (MBBR). In the future, we will also see an increasing demand to separate microplastics, drug residues and carcinogenic compounds so that these do not reach the groundwater.

Malmberg can offer total solutions of advanced purification where we include our technical partners. As an example, we have created space-saving sewage treatments with a membrane (MBR) in Åtvidaberg. The first waste water treatment plant in Sweden that cleans on a full scale with MBR. Today, we are also expanding the Ellös treatment plant with membrane technology to Orust municipality.

Together with Suez, we have carried out an ozone plant in Linköping at Nykvarnsverket where pharmaceutical residues are separated.

Within drinking water, high demands are placed on protective barriers where even nano-sized particles must be taken care of. It requires flexible process solutions and reliable technologies to use. We are used to designing advanced purification solutions and putting together cutting-edge technologies that work together as one unit.