Advanced purification

Malmberg produces the solutions of the future

Taking into account the current shortage of water – and water rates that are likely to rise sharply in the future – water circulation is rapidly becoming a must. For water-intensive industries, we are already designing solutions involving ultra-filter and ion exchange technology, where the process water is purified to drinking water quality and then returned to the industrial processes.

More stringent emission requirements on our wastewater also demand more advanced purification. Malmberg’s engineering knowledge in this area is far ahead of the field. Smart solutions involving membranes and different types of bearer material are already accessible. In the future, we are also sure to see increasing demands to separate out microplastics, medicine residue and carcinogenic compounds and prevent them from entering the groundwater. Malmberg possesses the knowledge to help you think to the future.

Together, we are strong. Malmberg provides complete solutions for advanced purification in partnership with a range of technology specialists.