We are changing the perspective on waste

Waste is a resource

What many people might see as waste, we choose to view as a resource. Using appropriate technology, we take care of the waste products that generates from waste water which can be recycled.

Our vision is to build a recycling plant

It is often a waste of resources to use new water for different flows in a process where purified waste water could just as easily be reused. Malmberg has the knowledge, and the techniques are not in the future. The techniques are already available today if the will to convert to recycling is there. By looking at the whole, we can offer a total solution for nitrogen and phosphorus recycling.

The development of water and sewage treatment has gained considerable momentum in the last 5 years. New emission requirements and outdated facilities drive the development. Purification is required, which means advanced equipment and purification techniques. There is also a completely different approach to sustainability today than a few years ago. This sustainability approach is also reflected in the development of the municipalities treatment plants. It is not only about purifying the water to the right requirements, it also means planning for resource and energy recovery. Today, many solutions are being developed that can, for example, extract nutrients from the sludge, ensure that biogas can be used efficiently, clean water on a small surface so that concrete and steel can be minimized, recycle created heat, create efficient operations with smart digitization solutions. The list goes on.

Through our partners, EkoBalans or Eliquio, we can tailor facilities that generate resources instead of residues.


A compact solution for vacuum degassing of sewage sludge with simultaneous phosphate precipitation. The technology reduces methane emissions, improves drainage and reduces the phosphate load.

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