Västerås Biogas Plant converts residual waste into vehicle fuel using COMPACT™

Västerås, Sweden


VAFAB Energi






650 (Nm3/h)

At the heart of Västerås lies a groundbreaking biogas facility that transforms residual waste into valuable vehicle fuel. Driven by the innovative technology from Malmberg COMPACT™, this facility plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. Through an efficient upgrading process, Malmberg COMPACT™ enables the produced biogas to meet the requirements for vehicle fuel, providing the city with a valuable step towards a more sustainable future.

Malmberg’s contribution to the project

Malmberg was entrusted by VAFAB Energi to establish a biogas upgrading facility for vehicle fuel. Malmberg delivered a Malmberg COMPACT™ GR 6, a state-of-the-art system with an impressive capacity to upgrade 700 Nm3/h of biogas into high-quality biomethane. This upgraded gas will play a crucial role as vehicle fuel, enabling more environmentally-friendly and cleaner transportation solutions for Västerås and its surrounding areas.

Residual waste transforms into valuable vehicle power

The biogas facility in place is dedicated to handling food waste and grease trap sludge from an extensive region, including Västmanland County, as well as Enköping and Heby municipalities. By effectively utilizing these resources, both biogas and biogas fertilizers are produced. Adjacent to the biogas facility is the plant for upgrading biogas to vehicle-grade quality. This facility conducts the upgrading of gas originating from Västerås wastewater treatment plant. Annually, the facility can process approximately 18,000 tons of food waste from households, large kitchens, and restaurants, around 3,500 tons of grease trap sludge, as well as about 1,500 tons of packaged and unpackaged food waste. Together with the gas from the Västerås wastewater treatment plant, this results in vehicle fuel equivalent to approximately 3.8 million liters of gasoline each year.