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Malmberg EnerGeo® provides efficient geothermal heating installation

Geothermal energy means that the operating cost efficiency for heating buildings considerably improves and at the same time it is a renewable energy. With our prefabricated geothermal energy central, Malmberg EnerGeo®, the geothermal installations become more efficient. 

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Jon Svärd

sales manager


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Marie Löfdahl - Malmberg

Marie Löfdahl

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Energy in a package!

Malmberg EnerGeo® is a prefabricated
geothermal energy unit fully ready
for docking with borehole storage
and property piping. 

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Malmberg Borrning-geoenergy-EnerGeo

Installed by docking

Malmberg enerGeo gethermal central

Malmberg EnerGeo® is a completely pre-built geothermal central and is easily docked to the energy wells, as well as the property's heating and cooling systems. The approach has several advantages compared with the site-built centrals. Energy Drilling and landscaping with connections are made on-site and in parallel the energy central is built in our workshop. The central is then delivered as a complete unit including the electrical, control and plumbing installations. It is the docking that makes Malmberg EnerGeo® so smart, its completed in the workshop and just docked in. A site-built geothermal central often needs to involve multiple subcontractors and working in the customer's building for a long time. Thanks to a prefabricated solution, you have full control over production and ensures that costs are kept down, resulting in a lower price for the customer. It only requires a power supply and the entire facility is directly prepared for remote support if needed.

Operating cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Malmberg Geothermal energy heating for properties

Geothermal heating is operating cost efficient, environmentally friendly and a sustainable heating technology compared with other alternatives as district heating, pellet, gas or electric boiler. 1 part electricity for the operation of geothermal heating results in heat production worth 4 parts. 1 part electricity for the operation of  free cooling results in produced cooling worth 40 parts. Besides, the geothermal energy is also CO2 neutral and a renewable energy source. If you, as a property owner then only uses green electricity, such as wind, solar or hydropower your facilities will be completely environmentally friendly.