A complete geothermal energy solution

Geoenergy property

We were among the first companies within the field of shallow geothermal energy in Sweden. Our geological know-how and extensive experience in geothermal projects allow us to offer you a complete solution. We have all the technical and geological expertise to lead you to a sustainable energy solution for your property.

5 steps to a geothermal energy plant 

A geothermal energy plant always leads to extensive energy cost reductions. The investment is normally paid back in a few years. We take care of the pre-study, geological tests, dimensioning, drilling, and all the way to commissioning of a fully optimized plant. Choose your level of service for the years ahead. 

1. Energy well dimensioning

The energy wells must be dimensioned properly. We perform the thermic response test to find out the ground conditions such as temperature, conductivity, and resistance. The result gives the number of wells, depth, and placement of the wells.  

2. Energy drilling

An energy well's life span is at least 100 years and during these years the heat pumps and other equipment will be replaced 4-5 times. We are professional drillers with drilling machines specialized in energy drilling. We use Comacchio drill rigs with Atlas Copco compressors.  Measurements are continuously made during drilling regarding straightness to achieve the most optimized drill hole for an energy exchange. 

3. Heat pump central design

We have the technical expertise and resources to design a complete geothermal plant for a property. along. A pre-study of the property's heat- and cold demand and technical status is performed by us. The analysis gives us the factors to design an optimal plant with no energy losses. We design a compact and easy maintenance plant including heat pumps, pipeworks, electrical, and automation.

4. Manufacturing/installation

Depending on the site and property the heat pump central can be either on-site installed or pre-fabricated. We have our own manufacturing site with highly experienced and skilled welders and metal workers. As a pre-fabricated and complete unit geothermal energy unit it´s delivered for docking to the property´s borehole storage and internal heating- and cooling system, electricity, and webb connection. Our pre-fabricated unit is called Malmberg enerGeo™ 

5. Commissioning

We made the first geothermal energy projects already in 1977 and have developed a secure and quick process for a complete energy project and we guarantee the output of the plant. We have our own installers specialized in geothermal energy installations and we can offer you a flexible service agreement in which you choose the level of maintenance.

Malmberg Geothermal energy references

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Geoenergilager Arlanda by Malmberg
  • Client: Swedavia
  • Property: Airport
  • Type of wells: Aquifer storage for heat/cold
  • Effect Heat/Cold: 8/8 MW
  • Number of wells: 11
  • Depth: 20

Masthusen, Malmö

Diligentia Masthusen Geoenergi y Malmberg
  • Client: Diligentia
  • Property: offices
  • Type of wells: Collector wells for heat/cold
  • Effect Heat/Cold: 360/420 kW
  • Number of wells: 30
  • Depth: 300 m


Västberga logistic center, Stockholm

DHL Västberga Geoenergi by Malmberg
  • Client: DHL
  • Property: Logistic hub
  • Type of wells: Collector wells for heat/cold
  • Effect Heat/Cold: 443/200 kW
  • Number of wells: 34
  • Depth: 300