Malmberg EnerGeo® provides efficient geothermal heating installation

Geothermal energy means that the operating cost efficiency for heating buildings considerably improves and at the same time it is renewable energy. With our prefabricated geothermal energy central, Malmberg EnerGeo®, the geothermal installations become more efficient. 

EnerGeo® Plug & Play

Malmberg enerGeo gethermal central

Malmberg EnerGeo® is a completely pre-built geothermal central and is easily docked to the energy wells, as well as the property's heating and cooling systems. The approach has several advantages compared with the site-built centrals. Energy Drilling and landscaping with connections are made on-site and in parallel, the energy central is built in our workshop. The central is then delivered as a complete unit including the electrical, control, and plumbing installations. It is the docking that makes Malmberg EnerGeo® so smart, it's completed in the workshop and just docked in. A site-built geothermal central often needs to involve multiple subcontractors and work in the customer's building for a long time. Thanks to a prefabricated solution, we have full control over production. It only requires a power supply and the entire facility is prepared for remote support. if needed. Simply Plug & Play!

Operating cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Malmberg Geothermal energy heating for properties Geothermal heating is operating cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable heating technology compared with other alternatives such as district heating, pellet, gas, or electric boiler. 1 part of electricity for the operation of geothermal heating results in heat production worth 4 parts. 1 part of electricity for the operation of free cooling results in produced cooling worth 40 parts. Besides, geothermal energy is also a CO2-neutral2 neutral and renewable energy source. If you, as a property owner then only use green electricity, such as wind, solar, or hydropower your facilities will be completely environmentally friendly.