Bigadan is investing in guaranteed control of methane emissions!

Bigadan, a Danish biogas developer and operator, has recently entered into a new agreement with Malmberg Energy AB, a leading provider of biogas upgrading solutions, to implement a project aimed at reducing methane slip at their facility in Solrød, just outside Copenhagen.

The goal of the project is to install equipment and technology to minimize methane slip from the two Malmberg COMPACT units currently in operation at the Solrød facility. What makes this project unique is the ability to consistently maintain low methane emissions in all operational scenarios throughout the year after installation and commissioning.

Malmberg Energy AB has previously established a strong relationship with Bigadan and has delivered facilities to Horsens and Limfjorden, solidifying its position as a reliable partner in the pursuit of sustainable biogas solutions.

We are thrilled to announce this order together with Bigadan in their commitment to tackle methane emissions head-on. Together, we are embarking on this project to revolutionize the way we control methane at the Solrød facility. Our innovative technology ensures not only reduced emissions but also a year-round guarantee of sustainability. This collaboration underscores Malmberg’s dedication to delivering dependable biogas solutions and reinforces our enduring partnership with Bigadan.

Joakim Persson, Technical Sales Manager, Malmberg Energy

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