Malmberg Energy selected for the third time by Den Magiske Fabrikken in Tønsberg!

The order includes a Malmberg COMPACT™ GR 20 with the capacity to upgrade 2400 Nm3/h of biogas to biomethane. Den Magiske Fabrikken, a national pilot plant, produces biogas, biogas fertilizers, and green CO2 by recycling food waste and animal manure from eastern Norway and Vestfold.

“Malmberg Energy is proud to have been selected for the third time and is committed to providing high-quality solutions to meet their customers’ specific needs and expectations. With over 20 years of experience in biogas upgrading, Malmberg Energy is confident in its ability to deliver the best possible service to Den Magiske Fabrikken.”

Marco Selicorni, Area Sales Manager

 Malmberg’s partnership with Den Magiske Fabrikken began in 2014 when they delivered their first upgrading plant to the customer, followed by a successful project that led to a second upgrading plant from Malmberg in 2017.

The collaboration with the agricultural industry has helped Den Magiske Fabrikken obtain national pilot status. Food waste and animal manure from farms with cows and pigs in Vestfold and approximately 1.2 million inhabitants from eastern Norway are recycled at Den Magiske Fabrikken into biogas, biogas fertilizers, and green CO2.

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